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Simple and ordinary soot up your chimney is very easy to remove. It is O.K. for you to take care of your fireplace and keep it tidy. However, creosote buildup (or caked tar and soot) is very hard to remove. Only professional chimney cleaning experts are able to safely, and effectively, remove all that bothersome and dangerous build up from your chimney flue.

Signs that Your Chimney Needs to Be Cleaned

Poorly Burning Fires

Dirty Chimney Flue can keep a fire from getting a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Fires are Difficult to Get Started

If you are having difficulty starting fires in your fireplace, it could be because the chimney is clogged, or there is a malfunction with the fireplace damper.

The Chimney Damper has Black Creosote Buildup

If you notice that your damper is completely black then it’s time to have your chimney cleaned.

Chimney Soot is Falling from the Chimney

Your fireplace smells like a campfire.

You detect the smell of burned wood coming from the fireplace even when it isn’t lit.

Smoke fills the room.

Even with the flue open, smoke from the fireplace waifs through the room.

Fireplace walls have oily marks

You notice oily spots on your fireplace’s walls, also a sign that creosote is present.

Smoke Doesn’t Rise Up the Chimney

If you notice that smoke doesn’t rise up the chimney like it used to it may be time to clean your chimney. There should be air flow up the chimney but a layer of creosote can stop up the works.

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